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PiartZ is a Franco-German music production studio for composition, sound design, mixing and synchro service. Its members are confirmed, experienced professionals, passionate about their work and open to new and original projects.

Aside from services related to subtitling, voice-over and narrative recording and integration, PiartZ produces original music for custom jingles, for commercials, tv and film score and interactive media, created on demand.


At PiartZ, music, other than being something to listen to, is an emotion, a concept. It is our job to use all means at our disposal (scores, arrangement, production) to get that intended emotion or reaction through to the listener.


In our cutting edge music production studio, we create custom jingles, scores and sound design on demand, in any genre.


Elhad Piesczek-Ali and his team have written highly successful scores, jingles and created sound design pieces for artists, companies and music labels, both large and small. PiartZ, strives to offer a high level of creativity and personalized service.


Explore our website, listen to some of our creations and then find out even more by calling us and consulting us personally about your project.

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